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Whoo - Cheonqgidan Jinyul 5-Items Set

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Product details

 Jinyulhyang Jinyul Queen 5pcs Gift Set
This set includes:
Jinyul Balancer: 150 ml
Jinyul Lotion: 110 ml 
Jinyul Cream: 20 ml
Jinyul Essence: 45 ml 
Jinyul Eye Cream: 20 ml 

The Jinyul line contains ingredients like red ginseng, jujube (Chinese dates), lithospermum, yam, pomegranate to fight against aging skin. These products work to remove impurities and keep the skin moisturized for a long time. The actively ingredients restore natural moisture levels, working to eliminate dry skin while refining skin texture and helping to promote a bright, clear complexion. The entire Jinyul line contains an enchanted formula of beneficial Asian herbs that work together to restore a natural glow while having a tightening effect. 

How to use: 
Jinyul Foam->Jinyul Balancer->Jinyul Essence->Jinyul Lotion->Jinyul Eye Cream->Jinyul Cream (or Hwanyugo Cream)

Included in this 6-piece gift set are:
Jinyul Essential Foam 40ml
Jinyul Moisture Balancing Toner 20ml
Jinyul Hydrating Lotion 20ml
Jinyul Essence 5ml
Jinyul Eye Cream 4ml
Jinyul Hydrating Cream 10ml
Jinyul Essential Foam is a hydrating foam cleanser that cleanses the skin without stripping it of moisture. It foams easily as it contains SLS and leaves my skin very moist without being greasy afterwards. It actually reminds me of Sulwhasoo’s Gentle Cleansing Foam, with a similar fragrance, texture and color. Although the Jinyul line is created for 40+ age range, this foam is suitable for younger skin, providing it is not sensitive towards the fragrance.
Jinyul Moisture Balancing Toner is a semi-thick toner that quenches the skin’s thirst. I find that with toners like this, it’s best to pour into your palms and apply directly onto your skin, so you don’t waste it on a cotton pad. Of all the Jinyul products, I must admit I like this one best. I find that it hydrates nearly as well as a real moisturizer does, but without any feeling of greasiness.
Jinyul Hydrating Lotion is the ‘emulsion’ or moisturizer in this series. It is a bit hard to get it out of the little bottle because this is not runny – it has a texture of a very light cream and it hydrates very deeply. If you don’t have very dry skin, you can get away with just this product after using the toner. For day time, I used this very sparingly under my sunscreen and makeup and it did a good job of keeping my skin hydrated throughout the day. The texture is light and absorbs very easily and quickly.
Jinyul Essence is a thicker serum (more like a serum than a thin, runny essence) to be used AFTER the Hydrating Lotion as the instruction says. It does remind me a bit of Sulwhasoo’s First Care Serum in look, smell and feel. It is emollient and quite rich, which seals in the moisture from the steps before. I find that with this essence, unless you have very dry skin, you are set for the night without needing another layer. It warms my skin a little as well, when I apply it, since it contains red ginseng.  You only need a drop or two for the entire face, because it is very concentrated and rich.
Jinyul Eye Cream is another rich product in this series, with a texture of whipped butter. A 4ml little jar lasts me a very long time (2+ months)! It nourishes the eye area though sensitive eyes beware, this is, along with the rest of the Jinyul line, fragranced. I could only put it on the outer corners of my eyes because when I put it on my eyelids or undereye area, somehow it made my eyes water since I have very sensitive eyes. If you have very dry skin and eyes and are not allergic to fragrance, this is a very good, rich eye cream.
The last item in the set, Jinyul Hydrating Cream, is the richest in the entire lineup. It is thicker than the eye cream, and you actually need to scoop it out, and warm it by rubbing it between your palms to melt it, and it will turn into a thick oil (it won’t drip) to be applied on your face and neck. You will need to cover your face/neck with your palms and the heat from your palms will help the cream penetrate your skin. It is ultra rich, and I would only recommend it if you have truly dry skin (that lacks oil, not moisture). It is definitely not for combination or oily skin. Since this is so emollient, I ended up using it mostly on my neck.
Overall, this is a great line for more mature, dry skin that needs a rich, emollient line to keep it moist and elastic.


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